I help ENTREPRENEURS break through limiting beliefs around what's possible so they can fully receive their INEVITABLE SUCCESS.

Ready to connect with your success? Let's work smarter, not harder.
Are your dreams and goals big, but your bank balance constantly low?
Are your dreams and goals big, but your bank balance constantly low?

Does talking about money make you feel stressed... or angry... or confused?

Does talking about money make you feel stressed... or angry... or confused?
Have you ever wondered why 'manifesting' seems to be so easy for some people - and such a constant struggle for you?
Have you ever wondered why 'manifesting' seems to be so easy for some people - and such a constant struggle for you?

Are you starting to doubt whether or not it’s actually possible for you to have a life you truly love?

Are you starting to doubt whether or not it’s actually possible for you to have a life you truly love?

If any of this resonates, you are not alone. I have been there. I can help.

Whether you are “outwardly successful” or struggling to make ends meet, manifesting true abundance takes more than just a positive attitude.


… simply believing manifestation is possible is not enough to make your dream life a reality.

It turns out, a relationship with money is just like any other relationship.

If you didn’t take the time to attend to the emotional aspects of your relationship with your family and friends, what do you think would happen?

Not too pretty right?

We’re taught to apply our mental intelligence to the technical aspects of money like budgeting, saving, investing, growing sales, data crunching, etc., but who among us was taught to apply our emotional intelligence to the feelings our finances trigger within us?

If you want things like:

Having the Freedom to Live Life on Your Own Terms

Earning “Money with Meaning” with Your Unique Passion

Experiencing those “WOW” Moments in Abundance

… you can absolutely use all of the IQ, EQ and every other Q you have at your disposal to get the things you want, IF – and this is a big “IF” – IF you understand how your super intelligent mind-body system really works.

It IS possible to manifest wealth in your life wealth of health, energy, love, passion and meaning as well as the other rewards that come from sharing your gifts like being seen, celebrated and VALIDATED for your gifts, accomplishments, and true value.

So if that’s true… why does it seem so difficult to manifest these things? If you’re like me (and most people for that matter), you’ve had times in your life when you found yourself manifesting MORE OF THE SAME!

More hard work, more money going out the door, more struggle, more physical pain and symptoms… and the feeling 'there must be something wrong with me'.`

More hard work, more money going out the door, more struggle, more physical pain and symptoms… and the feeling 'there must be something wrong with me'.`

The Truth Is: There is nothing wrong with you.

You are working perfectly in your life…

based on what you have recorded within your mind.

Your life is always being created by you based on what you have recorded in your mind.

The Problem Is: The majority of what we have recorded within our minds is hidden in the subconscious. This means much of what you’ve been creating in your life has been happening


In order to solve a problem you must first know that you have a problem.

And there it is…

Because of what you have recorded within your mind you have been – without even knowing it – manifesting a lot of exactly what you DON’T WANT.

Meet Jeanne Demers

“Impetuous? Irresponsible? Convoluted thinking? Oh, yeah. That was how I operated with money. Thankfully, in this instance, it turned out well.”

My story begins in Maine.

Before I moved to New York City to become a stage actress, writer, cartoonist, arts educator, not-for-profit founder, reflexologist, writing mentor to girls, published author and illustrator…

Before all of that, I grew up in rural Maine. I was born second eldest of ten children. Ten. There were ten of us.

In my mind there is an image of my mother and me when I am a girl of 9 or 10. My mother is standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes and something is radiating from her.

“There’s not enough!!!”

It’s neon sign strong and it gets inside of me. That is how, before I even know what a ‘worldview’ is I begin seeing through the lens of scarcity.

I was a girl with scarcity consciousness who dreamed of being a great somebody someday. As great as the great French stage actress, Sarah Bernhardt.

Happy Wallets. Happy People.

When I began working with Jeanne I was in the throws of a deeply concerted effort to up-level my career as a filmmaker — to go from a struggling artist, to a wildly successful artist. I had already been doing a lot of work to make this shift, but I needed a final tap to get me over the edge and off the cliff into total transformation. Jeanne's work was that tap. It was so simple and so profound. Jeanne is a fucking genius. The work she does is so personalized and generous. She listens deeply and crafts the perfect script. She has a deep and intuitive understanding of the exact language needed in each session to tap through to breakthrough. In a very short period of time I went from being overdrawn in my bank account to easily receiving $60,000 development funds for my next feature film, as well as being hired to direct my first episode of television. I am forever grateful to Jeanne for the work she does.

Deborah Kampmeier
Independent Filmmaker/writer/director/producer

Before I started working with Jeanne, my wife was angry with me for not being better at earning. I felt forgotten by the art world, and I had a real sense of despair about money. As a result of working with Jeanne – which has been a wild ride – I again feel that I know how to earn money! I’ve a renewed sense of confidence. Jeanne helps me to both see and acknowledge the valuable ways l can and do engage the art world. And because of a lifetime of dedication, how much I have to offer. There’s such value in being regularly accountable with Jeanne. And when things don’t work out, she helps unpack the event, so important learning can take place. As a coach, she offers wise encouragement and compassion, I couldn’t help but love working with her.

Sydney Cash

For the last 20 years, I have been a founder of a creative agency in a very competitive market. As expected, after doing the same tricks over the years, I suffered from creative boredom, exhaustion and loss of focus. At 40, I find that it's less about work and more about the mental game and keeping sharp. Jeanne to the rescue! I was lucky enough to work with Jeanne and discovered the benefits of Tapping. Tapping works because it allows me to hold space for myself to reset. In a short time, I could see that tapping, breathing, and mantras relaxed me and sharpened me for more of life's challenges. World-class athletes, overachievers and professionals all have something in common — we're all trying to manage stress and seek the competitive edge. Jeanne Demers and her Realize What Matters program puts you in the position for success, however you define it. Highly recommend it! Jeanne is Joy!

Rahul Siddharth
Managing and Creative Director, SCG Siddharth Creative Group

When starting my journey with Jeanne I had very little knowledge of EFT. As an artist, juggling your finances comes with the territory. I consistently struggled with my budget and I felt like I couldn’t possibly strengthen my ground financially just by tapping my body. I was very pessimistic and Jeanne was very patient with me. We worked very hard together. She helped me highlight and change my bad habits and for that am forever thankful. I’m not going to tell you I became a millionaire, that hasn’t happened just yet, but I will say I definitely made more money working with her. Although the goal was financial it benefited all areas of my life. Whatever your financial goals are I highly recommend trying her techniques 100%.

Rich Vallejos

I met Jeanne at a weekly Business Development meeting. I decided to embark on a 12-sessions journey with her to help me through long-standing blockages in the form of debilitating self-sabotage that was keeping me from moving forward. Her attention to detail walking me through all of the challenges that came up on my Tapping journey has been amazing. It's obvious that my life is so very different now! If you are ready for your next power move to take your life to the next level, I highly recommend working with Jeanne Demers.

Erik Willis
Taste and See MC

I came to Jeanne at a point when I was feeling frustrated, anxious, and hopeless about my financial situation and lack of earning power. Jeanne guided me through visualizations and conversations that allowed me to go deep within to uncover ideas about myself and my relationship to money that I didn’t know existed, and then turned my own words into powerful tapping scripts. Using those scripts, I could feel the charge around those words lessening with every day and every week that I said them. I have gone from a place of complete instability, and of having tremendous fear around being able to support myself and my children, to having a position where I am appreciated and well-compensated -- and I am actually looking to buy a home. Tapping is a powerful modality, and Jeanne is a skillful, generous, and engaged guide. I feel so lucky to have found her!

Deborah D.
Children and Portrait Photographer

Why do I always end up broke even though I feel like I work very hard? I have tried many paths to help with this situation, but Jeanne’s patient and constructive support on this journey has been the game changer. She has been right there with me every step of the way through this fascinating process. The difference I notice in myself is how how much more energized, positive conscious and clear I am. Tapping works, but it wouldn’t have worked without persistence. Which — working alone — I do not have. When you know you have so much potential, yet the hole you’re in is so deep that you think you’ll never see the light - call Jeanne.

Cynthia Speakman
Founder/Artistic Director of OnStage Theatre Arts for Children

I needed help so I could stop repeating the patterns of behavior that had me feeling so sad and stuck in my life:Holding onto the past, people pleasing, constantly second guessing myself. Jeanne was able to guide me - through her very intentional questions - to where I needed to go. It felt like talking to a very dear, longtime friend. She then knew exactly how to take the random thoughts that had popped into my head and turn them into the perfect scripts I would use while Tapping. As time went on, I noticed that — even if I purposely thought about some of the difficult experiences I had been through — I wasn’t triggered!The lasting change in my life is knowing that I am smart and capable of accomplishing anything. The stress of feeling stuck has been decreased by 99.9%.

Cynthia Hawkins
Koopman Lumber

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