Pivot Proudly!

Hello, friends!

Did you ever start out doing something that you were modeling after something that you loved? And at first it works and it’s cool… but then after a little while it feels like it isn’t really working anymore?

That’s me right now with the format I came up with for this newsletter.

The ADTO format (Achievements-Desires-Takeaways-Offerings) has begun to feel like a weekly progress report. And that is not my intention.

So, I’m going to ditch that format – which I loved on the Italian dudes from www.sefirot.it, but is making me feel a little like I’m wearing my best friend’s greatest outfit and – much as I want it to – it doesn’t completely work on me.

So… Goodbye, ADTO 👋

But before it goes, if I were to report an 🏆Achievement this week, it would be that a former client who’s a kickass business strategist reached out to me to say, “Hey, feedback here: I’m finding I’m not really understanding the email content you are sending. Happy to have a discussion…” and we hopped on a call and I got a download from her that has left me saying…

“YES! Now I know how to pull from my own wardrobe to create my own fabulous style!”

And if I were to have a 🙏Desire this week, it would be that good stuff like this just keeps coming because I’m good at keeping myself open to the process and loving its unfolding.

And if I were to report a 🌈Takeaway this week, it would be that receiving coaching is super valuable… as is the prerequisite to receiving coaching – which is the ability to say, “What I’m doing isn’t really working for me anymore. I’m open to some input.” 

And if I were to have an🎁Offering this week, it would be these quotes…

“A pivot is a change in strategy without a change in vision.”
– Erik Ries

“Pivoting isn’t Plan B, it’s part of the process.” 
– Jeff Goins

“Pivot proudly!”
– Jeanne Demers

With 🧡,


P.S. I am doing a FB Live with Sara Allen on Friday afternoon 5/19 at 1:30 EST as part of her “short and sweet 2-day challenge” aimed at helping you to break through to your purpose on the other side of 2023. I’ll be sharing some NLP understandings around self-talk: How specifically to how you need to be talking to yourself in order to experience the life that you choose. Please join us!

💖 💖 💖

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