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Did you know?…

Your UNconscious mind – the part of you that is not within your conscious awareness – accounts for 95% of what drives you. Perhaps more.


Which is to say, what you hold within your UNconscious mind is what MOST affects your outer reality.


Therefore, any problem you’re experiencing that is keeping you financially stuck can be traced back to  UNconscious holdings that aren’t working for you.


You have two choices:

Option #1

You could stay stuck where you are repeating the same problem. 


Option #2

You could learn how to release and let go of that stuckness. 

Choosing Option #2 frees you.

To what?

To have all of the ease, confidence, courage and clarity that is naturally available to people who aren’t stuck. 

Guess what that translates into?

Money-making ease. 

And money-making ease translates into more time, energy and freedom to enjoy stuff. Enjoy the things you love.

If you want clarity around…


  • Precisely WHY you have the particular challenges and problems you have around money
  • Specifically WHAT has been preventing you from overcoming your internal roadblocks around money
  • Exactly HOW you can release your old unwanted behaviors and outcomes around money

…then I’m your girl.

In our time together we will address…


  • Your Earliest Paradigm – This is the understanding that the circumstances you were born into (without you having had any choice in the matter) and the circumstances you learned to operate within (because you had to) – those circumstances are still informing your life today. The good news is you can do something about how you carry that information.
  • Unconscious Links – This is finding out that things that don’t seem directly related to your problem, are, in fact, supporting its existence. Once you make Unconscious Links conscious, you can do something with them.
  • Fear of Success – Which is also known as Fear of The Unknown. Which, of course, human beings have because we are built for survival. But it is possible for you to disconnect the feeling of “change” from the feeling of “certain death.”
  • Resistance to What You Deserve – WHAT IF the inner-setpoint for how much you can have in life doesn’t match who you actually are in the world? You’d want the ability to reset, wouldn’t you? You can.

The actual outcomes you can expect…


  • You can expect measurable change with every session. You will feel a sense of breakthrough and empowerment. If you don’t? Money back.
  • But it doesn’t stop there. After those initial measurable changes, you can expect ongoing shifts and transformation. Do I mean even after our work together is complete you keep shifting and moving along in the direction of your desired outcome? Absolutely.
  • In part, this is because you will become skilled at using very simple, natural techniques that work. Work to do what? To give you instant access to your changes. So you can strengthen them and keep going in that direction.
  • You can expect to be released from unhelpful conditioning from your growing-up years. Free of that, you turn into the one in control of creating the present and future you want to have.


What happens IN a session?


A normal session will be between 1.5 – 2 hours. In that time our goal is to, yes, alleviate the pain the problem is causing you – but, much more than that, our goal is also to eliminate the root cause of the problem. 

To do that we have to interrupt the old, unwanted pattern causing the problem. Then you come up with something new and wanted to put in its place. This is what it is to rewire a brain. 

And it works because…

  • When your unconscious information changes, your perspective changes.
  • When your perspective changes, your attitude changes.
  • When your attitude changes, your behaviors change.
  • When your behaviors change, your outcomes change. 

Does anything happen IN BETWEEN sessions?


Oh, yes, it does! What you do in between sessions is just as – if not more – important as what you do in the sessions.


Because we change our lives by what we do every day.

I am ALL ABOUT showing up for you in between-sessions to remind you of the exact actions you need to put in place that will allow you to solidify and keep the changes you made during a session.

It is by dedicating just a few minutes everyday to this work that you are going to get the changes you’re intent on making. And I help you to do that by providing you with customized support materials in the form of…

  • Daily texts (from me personally in real time) to keep what you’re working on changing front-and-center 
  • Session notes – all of which reside in a shared project management app for easy access

Doubt that you can experience transformations that turn into lasting change from this work?

Fair enough. Thanks for reading this far to see if it’s a match for you.

But if this DOES sound like it’s for you, I would be delighted to share with you life-changing tools and skills that do wonders on whatever you want to apply them to… money-type stuff and beyond (it’s all connected).




The Introductory Session 

1 (one) 90 minute session       $250.

~ In this session we will explore a series of questions that will allow you to reveal the structure of the problem you want to change. I will guide you in processes that allow you to release the underpinnings of the problem and replace them with something better – something you want instead. 

The Level 1 Package 

6 (six) 90 minute sessions       $1,997.

~ In these six sessions you will become consciously aware of the unconscious inner-resources that have been supporting the problem you are interested in changing. This puts you in a position to change those resources. I am there to support and facilitate your process. You are in control of the releasing and replacing process.

The Level 2 Package 

12 (twelve) 90 minute sessions    $3,749.

~ In these twelve sessions the work of becoming consciously aware of the unconscious inner-resources that have been supporting the problem you are interested in changing goes exponentially further than Level 1. Your ability to change your unconscious negative resources becomes that much greater as well. I am there to guide and support the process of you reaching your desired outcome.

Let’s chat


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“Brains aren’t designed to get results; they go in directions. If you know how the brain works you can set your own directions. If you don’t… then someone else will.”

Richard Bandler