Coaching Services with Jeanne

Together we will transform your emotional worries, traumas & doubts about money into ease, confidence, courage and clarity. This is what the journey entails. . .

connecting your limiting money beliefs to inner-worthiness issues based in your past

Money Map – Your whole picture assessment. We gain clarity on your set points in income, savings, debt, money goals, working hours.
Earliest Money Paradigm – Make clear connections between your parents’ paradigm and the unconscious rules and emotions around “surviving vs. thriving” that have secretly managed precisely how you’ve created your life.
Financial Traumas – Identify past events that are unknowingly feeding into current money struggles.

opening up belief in what’s possible

Outrageous Goal Setting  Understand how big goals can be used to inspire action and clarify inner-resistance 
Goal Traumas – Identify past negative events that have been eroding your trust in yourself and your belief in what is possible
Hidden Agendas – Gain understanding and compassion around your deeper and very real needs that have gotten mixed up in your wealth/success goals

replacing inner-resistance with inner-understanding

Everyone’s Favorite: Procrastination  Uncovering and healing the daily resistance to very specific actions and the baby steps needed to keep moving towards your goals
Fear of Shining Too Brightly  Uncovering and healing what stops you from taking specific actions, standing out and owning your value
Cycle of Striving To Prove and Be Good Enough – Uncovering and healing the exhausting pattern of “proving your value” that only brings more struggle

transforming to be more confident, empowered, joyful

Retrain Your Brain to Celebrate Progress – Getting simple practices under your belt that continuously allows you to recharge and renew energy, excitement and creativity
Confidence and Inner-Worth Resilience  Seeing what up-leveling requires more of for you (specific inner-work, support and accountability) so you can go further, faster
Actively Realize What Matters  Manifesting and allowing in unexpected support and opportunities as you experience steady, enthusiastic progress toward goals