The “Achievements-Desires-Takeaways” Tracker 

Hello, friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring season (if that’s what it is where you are). It’s still chilly and rather rainy here in Walpole, NH, and the tulips are loving it 🌷🌷🌷

🏆 Achievements

This week’s best Achievement is off of last week’s Achievements – the one around keeping things simple. Now that it’s on my radar, I marvel at how challenging it is for me. You would think it’d be easy to go in the direction of more simple. Not so. Everything in me wants to take off with an idea and extrapolate in multiple directions… at once 🤯

But this past week – more often than not – when I felt things going in the direction of “more complex”, I paused, took a breath, and came back to “What’s the basis of this idea? Can you stay with that? More or less?” 

And it helps. Specifically it helps with getting things DONE.

🙏 Desires

Consistency with my new practice of keeping things simple. Which is really two desires. I desire simplicity AND I desire consistency. AND I desire that they inform each other. Strengthen each other.

🌈 Takeaways

My Aha! of the week is the idea that life can be viewed as an experiment. Or lots of experiments. And the world is my laboratory. This way of seeing makes it so that “the meaning of life” feels less esoteric and hard to know. The meaning of life (my life) is mine to be messed around with.


There’s another category this week so there’s a place for what else I thought to share. It could be classified as an Achievement, but it’s really an Offering.

🎁 Offerings

Over the weekend I created an Achievements-Desires-Takeaways tracker to inspire me to stay with this format. And also to have things to refer to when I go to write the newsletter. Having been using it for the past five days I am finding it’s turning into another practice.

A reflection practice.

As one of my favorite meditation teachers Joseph Goldstein says,

“In all activities, we’re practicing something. There’s some state of mind that is being practiced and cultivated. Do we stop and pay attention to what it is?”

If you’d like a copy of the Achievements-Desires-Takeaways tracker to print out and play with yourself, Reply to let me know and I’ll send it to you.

Here is a picture of the blank version I’ll send… and also a pic of the one I’m filling in this week….

The Achievements-Desires-Takeaways Tracker
Jeanne’s first week using the Achievements-Desires-Takeaways Tracker

Tips for how to use The A-D-T Tracker:

👀 Put it somewhere you’ll see.

💡 As you reflect on the category, think but don’t OVER think. Trust whatever comes to mind is what to put on the page.

🎨 Use color!

🎈 It can be added to spontaneously any time of day.

🔄 Don’t be limited by the boxes. Flip the page over and write on the back, too!

Here’s to a week filled with lots of Achievements, Desires, Takeaways… and Offerings!

With ❤️,

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